Youtubers, stop wasting time editing your own videos.

Invest in an overseas editor.

Investing in a Clipt editor can unlock 70% better profit margins – forever. We are a staffing agency for finding and embedding top overseas video editors on your team.

I mean, look. You wanna be the next Mr. Beast:

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Growing a YouTube channel is hard.

You’ve already tried posting lifestyle vlogs to your channel with 117 subscribers:

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Youtube Caricature
Youtube Caricature
Youtube Caricature
Youtube Caricature
Youtube Caricature
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Ya, nobody cares about you yet.

So what’s the secret?


Aka you gotta make tons of great videos forever.

But you’re already the set designer, screenwriter, director, talent, and producer.

Now you’re the editor too?


That’s another full-time job – you need a sidekick.

So let’s compare your 3 options:

blackbox agency stats
karen stats
kris stats

So who do you pick? 

Well, let’s just look at costs…

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Here are the costs after 5 years:

  • $1,200,000 – Black Box Agency
  • $430,000 – Karen$180,000 – Kris
  • $180,000 – Kris

Now the box is in orbit, so we’re just gonna ignore that.

But you see the bottom?

Kris costs $180k for 5 years…$180K FOR 5 YEARS!

You save $250k over Karen.

So which life do you want?

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But that’s just from costs…

Never mind that Kris grinds like Goggins and time travels.

Or at least it feels like he time travels because he’s overseas. So you go to bed with raw footage and wake up with edited bangers.

It’s like Christmas morning…EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING

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Do you want Christmas every morning?

Me too.

So use Clipt overseas editors just like these top creators & companies:

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