Agency owners, your profit margins are shrinking.

Invest in an overseas editor.

Investing in a Clipt editor can unlock 70% better profit margins – forever. We are a staffing agency for finding and embedding top overseas video editors on your team.

I mean, look. You wanna be the next Gary Vee:

But building a profitable agency like Vayner Media is HARD.


Because your American editors are squeezing your margins:

Agency Caricature

So let’s look overseas…

Here are your two editor options:

So who do you pick? 

Well, let’s just look at costs…

Agency Caricature

Wait…where’s Karen?

Agency Caricature
Agency Caricature


She’s in orbit.

Because these are the costs after 5 years:

  • $430,000 – Karen
  • $180,000 – Kris

Kris costs $180k for 5 years…$180K FOR 5 YEARS!

You save $250,000 over Karen.

So which life do you want?

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plus you can invest those savings in more Krisses:

Agency Caricature

Ya for every 1 Karen you could hire 2 Krisses.

But don’t worry, Karen.

Because you can promote her to creative director – to oversee your overseas army.


The same strategy as other Clipt creators & companies:

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