Agency owners, your profit margins are shrinking.

Invest in an overseas editor.

Investing in a Clipt editor can unlock 70% better profit margins – forever. We are a staffing agency for finding and embedding top overseas video editors on your team.

I mean, look. You wanna be the next Gary Vee:

gary vee caricature

But building a profitable agency like Vayner Media is HARD.


Because your American editors are squeezing your margins:

Agency Caricature

So let’s look overseas…

Here are your two editor options:

karen stats
kris stats

So who do you pick? 

Well, let’s just look at costs…

Agency Caricature

Wait…where’s Karen?

Agency Caricature
Agency Caricature


She’s in orbit.

Because these are the costs after 5 years:

  • $430,000 – Karen
  • $180,000 – Kris

Kris costs $180k for 5 years…$180K FOR 5 YEARS!

You save $250,000 over Karen.

So which life do you want?

Agency Caricature

plus you can invest those savings in more Krisses:

Agency Caricature

Ya for every 1 Karen you could hire 2 Krisses.

But don’t worry, Karen.

Because you can promote her to creative director – to oversee your overseas army.


The same strategy as other Clipt creators & companies:

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